Back to reality and a bad run

I’m back to my routine – for the last time in a while! I’m getting anxious about the hundreds of things I need to get done in the next two weeks or so, but I’m trying to knock them off the list one at a time.


Overall, I really enjoyed the conference in Philadelphia! I enjoyed going to Reading Terminal Market, which was right near the hotel I was staying at, and had a nice time getting to know co-workers a bit better. I also had the opportunity to meet some researchers who I’ve worked with (emails, calls, etc) but never actually met in person. That’s always nice!

The sessions I attended were interesting, though some were a bit discouraging. I heard a lot in particular about the coordination of private industry and academia, and it doesn’t seem like it’s working too well. That was unfortunate – both have so much to learn from one another. I also heard a lot about how the current PhD system doesn’t prepare researchers well, and that the field of behavioral science needs more computationally-oriented people. It doesn’t seem like the systems are in place to accommodate that, which is discouraging. I did walk away feeling like I’m making the right decision to be moving away from academia at this point in my career.

Overall I had a really great time, but came back completely exhausted!


Teddy and I crashed with a lovely meal from the Whole Foods Salad bar on Saturday afternoon. We ended up starting the Game of Thrones series, and got sucked in right away! I was hesitant at first – fantasy really isn’t my thing – but we both got really into it! Teddy is even reading the books now. I might have to as well! We can’t watch ahead, but perhaps we can read ahead…


Today is my second to last day of class, and it was a busy day. Final projects are in the home stretch, and I spent a good deal of time working on projects investigating sentiment analysis on Twitter, and attempting to get population estimates for my models at the Brandeis office. We’ll see how that happens. I debated about going to the gym this afternoon because I have so much work to do, but really slacked last week while I was at the conference, so didn’t feel like I could skip. Plus, I’ll be moving tomorrow and who knows where I’ll be these next few days, so I figured I should jump on the opportunity while I could. I’m glad I went, but didn’t feel very strong on my run. I ended up doing 2.25 miles on the treadmill. I just felt very lethargic (plus I was hungry). I’m glad I went, though!

Now it’s time to call it a night – another busy day tomorrow: last day of class, project due, moving out of my apartment, and viewing another place. Wow, I’m already tired just writing that all out…



Off to Philadelphia

Even though I’m not officially in the land of post-grad freedom, I figured that I might as well start here – the next few weeks will be full of excitement and adventures, so might as well start documenting now.

Today I leave for Philadelphia to go to the Society of Behavioral Medicine conference. I’ll be presenting some work I did on national implementation of EHRs. I really enjoyed the conference last year, so I’m hoping to get a lot out of it again this year. Plus, I’m hoping to visit the Liberty Bell! The nerd in me is quite excited.