Week in Review

Another week that justĀ flew by! My evenings last week were filled with testing a new knitting group (not as good as the previous one, but maybe I’ll attend sometimes? At least it’s on a different night so there is a possibility!) Dinner at Teddy’s house, meeting up with friends for drinks after work, and lots and lots of knitting. But I did finally manage to finish Anne’s birthday cowl! I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out, and a bit sad to see it go. That project traveled with me all through Europe! At least I know it’s going to a loving home šŸ™‚

This weekend included a trip to New Hampshire forĀ Extreme Family Camping – yes, just like it sounds. A camping trip, family reunion style, including games of skill and chance. Hence the “extreme” part. This year was a bit more subdued, but did include fun activities like boat rides, kayaking, and an AMAZING fireworks show. It helps having engineers in the family – they put on aĀ killer show! I am already looking forward to the one next year! The fireworks wereĀ rightĀ above us – they were set off at the end of a dock, but that was only 10 feet tall. Needless to say it was anĀ epic show. Certainly a highlight! I also was able to test out a one-person tent – I’ve always camped in larger tents. It was quite cozy!Ā 

All in all, it was a great weekend – cousin time, camping, water activities and diner breakfasts. All the ingredients for success!Ā 

Now it’s back to work for another busy week – tonight things are a bit low key, so I’m taking advantage of a little extra down time to get caught up on my weekly planning. I much prefer doing the planning on Sunday, but lately that hasn’t been working out too well. Must make that more of a priority! Regardless, lots of fun things are on the agenda this week, so time to get cracking!


Another summer weekend on the books! Boy, this one really flew by. Backing up a bit:


On Thursday evening I checked out a new-to-me knitting night at a local yarn store, and I LOVED it! It was so exciting to knit with other friendly people, and I had a great time chatting and working on my latest project. I absolutely want to make this part of my bi-weekly routine, and I’m already looking forward to going again. In fact, I learned about another fiber night at a different artist studio, so I’m planning on checking that out later this week. Hooray, finally I’m finding yarn friends!


On Friday evening Teddy and I had grand plans to make another peach cobbler to share with friends the following day. However, both of us got home from work completelyĀ exhausted from a busy week and were in absolutely no mood to do any cooking. Instead, date night commenced! We started at Charlie’s Kitchen, where we got quick drinks before the outdoor patio got super busy. After finishing those, we headed around the corner to The Red House, another place with outdoor seating – a must on such a beautiful summer night! Here we enjoyed a few more beers, and split an incredibly good salmon tartar. What a treat! I insisted that we stay until the live music started at the bar, so we enjoyed some music before heading home. The evening wasn’t what we had planned, but boy was it great!


On Saturday morning Teddy and I headed to a nearby state park to meet up with some of my former co-workers. It was such a great day – we met a few wonderful new friends and had a great time catching up and relaxing. We grilled up some veggie burgers and enjoyed playing a game of Quiddler after taking a dip in the lake. The weather was perfect, and it was a wonderful way to spend the day!

On Saturday evening Teddy and I continued our fairly opulent weekend of eating by heading to a local sushi restaurant for dinner! Our meal at O Sushi was delicious, but the service left a bit to be desired. We will probably return here as the prices were very reasonable and the location is great, but hopefully the service will be a bit more attentive next time.

We ended our evening by meeting up with some friends at the Meadhall, a bar with anĀ epic beer list. We tried quite a few drinks and had fun with some of Teddy’s friends from college. I would absolutely return here – the variety of drinks was extremely impressive! Another place to take my sister when she comes to visit, I think.


We tried to keep things a bit more low-key on Sunday, and enjoyed a relaxing morning. I headed out for a run while Teddy got us coffee, and we made a great breakfast of eggs, toast and fresh fruit. That’s my kind of morning! After lounging for a bit we finally made the peach cobbler, and then headed back to Shrewsbury to enjoy some time with our parents. We all got together for a late lunch, and enjoyed catching up. Everyone liked the cobbler, too! It’s quickly becoming our go-to dessert šŸ™‚

Finally, Teddy and I headed back to Cambridge. I took a long walk on this beautiful evening before catching up on some errands and organizing. I’m ready to jump into another week!

I hope you had a great, relaxing weekend, too!

Hump Day

Another week is flying by! I’ve been taking it a bit easier this week, trying to keep things a bit quiet. I’m still really trying to figure out that balance between alone time and social time, and also trying to figure out how much free time now that I’m working. It’s a process! I think I’m getting better at figuring it out, but I’m trying not to overwhelm myself, too. It’s an adjustment!


On Monday evening Teddy and I decided to have a spontaneous date night! We headed over to John Harvard’s Ale HouseĀ – a quick walk for both of us. We were both pleasantly surprised by the beer menu, but it makes sense. ItĀ is an ale house! I tried a nice IPA and Teddy went for a lager. Both were great, and we agreed that we’d love to back another time to try a flight. The food was decent, but not amazing. Considering how awesome the food in Cambridge is, this place was moderate. We’ve been spoiled lately! But we’ll be back for the beer šŸ™‚

The rest of the night was spent catching up on Game of Thrones – we’re almost done with season 2. Horribly behind, yes, but still enjoying it!


On Tuesday evening I spoke to my parents for a while, did some grocery shopping and make some food for the week. My weekly shop has been getting later and later into the week! I need to get back on track soon – I like planning for the week before it happens! I tried out thisĀ lentil salad, mostly because I wanted something with lentils in it. I didn’t have some of the ingredients, but I enjoyed what I made. I added quite a few cherry tomatoes, which I thought was a good adjustments. The recipe made enough food for quite a few meals, so I’m happy about that!


Tonight has been another quiet evening – I spoke to my sister for a while, enjoyed some dinner, and am catching up on laundry. Not super exciting, but I like the downtime! The rest of this week will be a bit busier, so I’m enjoying the quiet while I can.Ā 

I still feel weird about not “doing” something on week nights – I’m still getting used to all of this free time I now have. I also am slowly getting used to the idea that I can say no to social gatherings because I need some alone time, or I’m just not in the mood. Sometimes I just like quiet time to cook, read, talk to a friend, or just generally relax! I know I’ll find that balance soon, but I’m not quite there yet.Ā 

Another good summer weekend

Another weekend has flown by!


I enjoyed a quiet Friday evening of knitting and relaxing before heading back to Shrewsbury. Once I landed I ate a quick meal, enjoyed an episode of “The Manor” (the ultimate reality show – people live for several months as they would during Edwardian times in England. It’s so good! The historical fiction nerd in my is so happy!) and then got to bed early.


On Saturday morning I hussled around town getting errands done before meeting up with Teddy and taking a nice long walk around a local park. It was a beautiful morning, and we enjoyed the weather and catching up. Once we went our separate ways, I did a few more errands before heading back to Cambridge.

On Saturday evening I explored a new-to-me book store,Ā Raven Used Books. I was impressed by their selection, and the prices seemed very reasonable. The books were certainly more academic, but I picked up one that looked really interesting. I’ll certainly return there in the future! To continue my literary-themed evening, I headed over to the Coop to do a bit more browsing. I saw a few things that interested me, but didn’t end up purchasing anything. I’d rather buy them used! I headed home and enjoyed cracking into my new purchase before going to sleep.


On Sunday I was up bright and early for a great run. The weather was already quite warm, but I enjoyed quite quiet neighborhood before things got too crowded. I ate a quick breakfast, then did something that really pushed me outside my comfort zone – went to the Cambridge Friends Meeting House. I really enjoyed the experience, and will likely return in the future to continue exploring.

After grabbing a quick coffee, Teddy and I headed over to South Boston to explore the SoWa Open Market! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so I’m glad we finally got the chance. The selection was super impressive! I loved looking at the vintage goods, and the artist stalls looked like real-life Etsy! Awesome. Teddy and I each got a few pieces of art, and will absolutely be returning in the future to do some more shopping. We ate lunch at the near-by food trucks – actually my first food truck experience! I enjoyed a falafel sandwich and some basil lemonade. Teddy and I both commented a few times that the experience was something Anne would love so next time in town, we’ll be taking her!

Finally, we ended our day by stopping by Flour, a bakery that I’ve heard so much about! Neither of us were very hungry, so we got two pastries to share tomorrow evening. I’m looking forward to it! We ended our evening by watching the World Cup final and relaxing in some air conditioning. Another good weekend on the books!

Now it’s time to plan for the week. Looks like rain so I’m going to have to edit my running schedule a bit, I think!

The week of the Red Sox

Wowzer, this week certainly has flown by!


It was difficult to get back to work after a nice long weekend, but I was quite refreshed after such a wonderful weekend! I did quite a bit of meal planning and prep on Sunday evening, so on Monday morning I was able to quickly leave the house after an early-morning run. After work I quickly headed home and enjoyed some leftovers before heading out to meet up with my cousin. Kevin just moved to Boston over the weekend, so we met up to see a Red Sox game! We had a blast catching up and watching the game. Kevin played baseball in high school, so it was great to watch the game with someone who knew a bit more about the strategy behind baseball. I’ve always enjoyed it, but I learned a lot from him! We were also really lucky that we had seats under the pavilion – two of three “micro-bursts” hit the stadium during the game and people who were exposed gotĀ drenched. We got lucky! The sox lost the game, but experiencing Fenway Park is always a blast, and it was great to see Kevin! We took the T home and it ended up turning into a bit of a marathon because of a breakdown, so we didn’t get home until quite late. Well worth it, though!


I skipped a run on Tuesday morning since I was staying at Teddy’s house, so the extra sleep felt nice. I also didn’t pack a lunch since work has such wonderful and health options. That felt like a bit of a treat! After work I headed into Boston again to meet up with some high school friends, Ajay and Sumana. We headed to Ajay’s office, which is just outside of Chinatown, and has an awesome sky-line view! After hanging out at his office for a while we got dinner quite close by. It was so great to catch up with them – Sumana is in medical school in New York, and we don’t see her nearly as often as I wish we could. Ajay is good friends with Teddy so we actually hang out quite a bit, but it was great to get all three of us together! It was the first time that has happened in a good 5-6 years. Crazy how time flies! Hopefully Sumana will be in town again soon.


Another early-morning run started off my day again, but this time I feltĀ very sluggish. I’m not sure if it was the weather or sleep habits or something else, but whatever it was, I had a difficult morning. It was nice to make it to work knowing that my workout was done for the day, though.

Wednesday quickly turned into a hectic day at work, and ended with a team BBQ. The weather was beautiful, and it was fun to spend time with some of my new co-workers in a more relaxed setting. I had to scoot out early though, because Teddy and I were off to another Red Sox game!

A co-worker of Teddy’s dad had some extra tickets at an incredibly low price so we couldn’t pass up the chance to go again! We sat in the State Street Pavillion and had an awesome view of the game. It was aĀ perfect night for baseball – temperatures in the low 80s, and we watched the sun go down while sipping beers. Best of all – they WON! The Red Sox have been having a horrible season and are currently in last place. They came back from a 4-0 deficit in theĀ bottom of the 9th inning. It really doesn’t get much better than that! It was super exciting – we were having a blast even before all that happened! Somehow everything just clicked right at the very end. It really was an evening I’ll remember for a while – the perfect summer night!


I’ve been looking forward to a bit of a “catch-up” day this week – I don’t usually go into Boston after work three nights in a row! It was super fun, but it felt good to catch up on errands this evening. I called my sister, made a quiche for dinner, and was able to relax a bit. I have more excitement planned for this weekend, so having a bit of down-time was just right.

Hopefully this weekend will be just as much fun as this past week has been!

Fourth of July in Maine

This year Teddy and I headed up to Booth Bay Harbor, Maine, to spend the holiday weekend with his family! Backing up a bit…


After getting out of work a bit early, I headed over to a local yarn shop to try out their knitting circle. Unfortunately, due to the change in Boston’s celebration of the 4th, the knitting circle was canceled. I was quite disappointed (I need knitting friends! Come knit with me!) but headed back home for a more quiet evening. I heard some of the fireworks down by the water, but soon after they ended there was a HUGE storm! I couldn’t believe how quickly the rain came in – you could see the sheet of rain just coming down the street. Wild! It helped cool down the temperature a little bit, but oh man. Still oppressively hot!


On Friday Teddy and I left bright and early for Booth Bay Harbor, Maine. We made it up to Teddy’s relative’s house by 10am, and we headed over to the local Botanical Gardens. Teddy and I always enjoy exploring gardens, and realized that we have been to gardens in several cities, and even countries, together! This garden was one of the most beautiful one’s we’ve explored, and was really fun! There were lots of plants to eat and smell, and beautiful water features. It was a wonderful time, and we’d love to go back again.

We got caught in a bit of a rain downfall, but headed back to the relative’s house to spend the evening with Teddy’s family. I had the oppertunity to meet several more of Teddy’s relatives, and we had a great evening cooking good food and visiting with folks. It was really relaxing, even though the weather didn’t let up!

Side note – theĀ berry crumbleĀ was a great success! I’m absolutely going to make that one again! Not too sweet and I think using even more peaches would be awesome.


After a wonderful breakfast, we headed to downtown Booth Bay to do a bit of shopping and sight-seeing. The town is really quaint, and I loved how it was decorated for the holiday. Everything looked so festive! We picked up a few things, and then headed back to the family house.

Teddy’s uncle had a career in the Navy before he retired, and was recently certified as a Maine guide. He was generous enough to give Teddy and me a fantastic boat tour of the area, and this was certainly the highlight of the weekend for me! He was an exceptionally knowledgeable guide. We headed over to a rock where seals hang out, and we were able to see tons of them! There were lots of pups warming up on the rocks, and they were so cute! We explored several of the islands in the harbor before going over to Booth Bay and got to see the shops from the opposite direction. We ended up being on the water for almost two hours and it was fantastic! I loved going fast in the boat, too šŸ™‚

Saturday afternoon was filled by a trip to a local brewery where we sampled quite a few surprisingly wonderful beers. I enjoyed some of the darker brews, much to my surprise! We went with some beer-savy relatives, so it was fun to get to know each other better and learn lots about the beer, too! Finally, we ended the day back on the waterfront with homemade tacos and watched the sun set from the dock. Doesn’t get much better than that. Gosh, Maine is beautiful!


On Sunday morning the weather wasĀ perfect. Teddy and I couldn’t resist a quick trip out to Ocean Point to take a quick walk and enjoy the ocean air for a little longer. WE jumped in the car and were back in Boston by 2pm. I spent the afternoon catching up on groceries, organizing laundry, and general errands. I have another busy week coming up, so it’s been a treat to relax and get centered before jumping into more fun!

I hope you had a great holiday weekend, too!

Berry Crumble

On Wednesday evening Teddy and I created another treat from a cookbook! So far, so good with the weekly cookbook recipe challenge! We made a peach and berry crumble fromĀ Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone, one of my favorite go-to cookbooks. We are heading to a party on Friday to celebrate the 4th of July (more on that later), and wanted to bring something to share. I thought peach crumble would be something a little different than the typical strawberry and blueberry – themed desserts, but still fruity and light. I’m excited to try it!

Backing up, today I made some great progress at work, and am starting to feel more comfortable in my position. I know it will take some time to feel like I’m getting the hang of things, but I felt better today than I have any other day so far. I’d call that a small victory!

After work, I headed to a nearby bar to grab drinks with some co-workers. We all started working at the same time, so it was great to catch up and share stories! It was nice to see some familiar faces, and also to mingle with people I don’t see on a regular basis. I’m hoping it will be a semi-regular thing!

The weather here has beenĀ sweltering, so hopefully it will cool down a bit. I passed on a run again today because of the heat, so I’m thinking that heading out before work tomorrow will be the only way to get some exercise in before the heat and humidity rises. Alas, at least tomorrow is the last day before a long weekend!Ā