I set a few goals for myself this summer, and one of them is to cook at least one new thing from a cookbook I have sitting on a shelf at least once a week. I love to cook, and have dearly missed being able to spread out, make a mess, and make an incredibly satisfying meal. I’ve lived for two years without a kitchen table, for goodness sake! I have to make up for lost time!

I needed to get some groceries this evening, so I thought that tonight would be a great time to get supplies for a new recipe! I opened a book that I’ve loved for a while – The Student’s Vegetarian Cookbook. I’m not a student any more, but I can still love a quick and healthy meal! A recipe for falafel immediately jumped out to me. Even though the weather is super warm today, I wanted to fire up the oven and make a nice batch of savory falafel. The time estimation in the book wasn’t super accurate (prep took me more like 45 minutes, not the 15 the book suggested), but it was so worth it! I enjoyed my meal with some tzatziki sauce and some cheese and crackers on the side. It really hit the spot, and best of all – leftovers! I know what I’ll be having for dinner this week, and I’m excited!

I didn’t end up going on a run this evening due to the heat, so I’m thinking of calling it an early night and getting up early tomorrow to beat the heat. Have a good night!



Weekend in Review

This weekend flew by! Likely because it was my first true “weekend” after starting my new job, but oh man, it was SO great. Two full days of no work, no homework, and fun! Luckily the weather was great too, so that just added to the wonderfulness.

On Friday evening my parents came into town and we enjoyed a nice dinner and walk around Harvard Square. It was fun feeling like I knew my way around – I never thought I’d end up living here! I got to show them a few of my favorite places, and we enjoyed some ice cream in Harvard yard. It was a lovely and relaxing evening!


Saturday started bright and early with a good run before meeting up with Teddy. I had planned a birthday surprise for him, and all he knew was that we were going somewhere for the day. We ended up meeting 6 friends and going up to Gloucester for the day! Teddy loves whiskey, so we headed to Ryan and Wood, a small distillery in Gloucester. The tour was excellent, and we tried quite a few things! I was driving, and am not much of a whiskey connoisseur so I didn’t have much, but I learned a lot on the tour! When we traveled in Scotland we went to quite a few distilleries, so it was interesting to see some of the challenges with distilling here in the states, and how the operation differs.

After the tour, we grabbed sandwiches at a local shop and headed to a nearby beach for the afternoon – Halibut Point State Park. The beach was rocky so we weren’t able to play frisbee, but we did have a lot of fun scrambling over the rocks, playing in tide pools, and trying out some new card games. The sun was hot but the day was beautiful!

Finally, we all headed back to Cambridge to spend the evening at Teddy’s house. We played more card games (it’s a common even with these friends!) and relaxed. I was super tired so ended up going to bed early, but had a wonderful day. Best of all, Teddy was super surprised, and enjoyed everything! Yay!


On Sunday Teddy and I headed to Plymouth to visit with his grandparents. It was great to see them, and we showed them lots of pictures from our trip. It already feels like a long time ago! After that, we headed to the Wrenthum outlets to do some shopping. It was painful spending such a beautiful day at an outlet mall, but at least it was outside. When we returned to Cambridge we made a quick dinner and then took a nice long walk to enjoy the evening weather. At least we got a bit of outside time in!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. I’m already looking forward to the next one. Luckily this is a short week, and we have more fun on the horizon!