Fourth of July in Maine

This year Teddy and I headed up to Booth Bay Harbor, Maine, to spend the holiday weekend with his family! Backing up a bit…


After getting out of work a bit early, I headed over to a local yarn shop to try out their knitting circle. Unfortunately, due to the change in Boston’s celebration of the 4th, the knitting circle was canceled. I was quite disappointed (I need knitting friends! Come knit with me!) but headed back home for a more quiet evening. I heard some of the fireworks down by the water, but soon after they ended there was a HUGE storm! I couldn’t believe how quickly the rain came in – you could see the sheet of rain just coming down the street. Wild! It helped cool down the temperature a little bit, but oh man. Still oppressively hot!


On Friday Teddy and I left bright and early for Booth Bay Harbor, Maine. We made it up to Teddy’s relative’s house by 10am, and we headed over to the local Botanical Gardens. Teddy and I always enjoy exploring gardens, and realized that we have been to gardens in several cities, and even countries, together! This garden was one of the most beautiful one’s we’ve explored, and was really fun! There were lots of plants to eat and smell, and beautiful water features. It was a wonderful time, and we’d love to go back again.

We got caught in a bit of a rain downfall, but headed back to the relative’s house to spend the evening with Teddy’s family. I had the oppertunity to meet several more of Teddy’s relatives, and we had a great evening cooking good food and visiting with folks. It was really relaxing, even though the weather didn’t let up!

Side note – the berry crumble was a great success! I’m absolutely going to make that one again! Not too sweet and I think using even more peaches would be awesome.


After a wonderful breakfast, we headed to downtown Booth Bay to do a bit of shopping and sight-seeing. The town is really quaint, and I loved how it was decorated for the holiday. Everything looked so festive! We picked up a few things, and then headed back to the family house.

Teddy’s uncle had a career in the Navy before he retired, and was recently certified as a Maine guide. He was generous enough to give Teddy and me a fantastic boat tour of the area, and this was certainly the highlight of the weekend for me! He was an exceptionally knowledgeable guide. We headed over to a rock where seals hang out, and we were able to see tons of them! There were lots of pups warming up on the rocks, and they were so cute! We explored several of the islands in the harbor before going over to Booth Bay and got to see the shops from the opposite direction. We ended up being on the water for almost two hours and it was fantastic! I loved going fast in the boat, too 🙂

Saturday afternoon was filled by a trip to a local brewery where we sampled quite a few surprisingly wonderful beers. I enjoyed some of the darker brews, much to my surprise! We went with some beer-savy relatives, so it was fun to get to know each other better and learn lots about the beer, too! Finally, we ended the day back on the waterfront with homemade tacos and watched the sun set from the dock. Doesn’t get much better than that. Gosh, Maine is beautiful!


On Sunday morning the weather was perfect. Teddy and I couldn’t resist a quick trip out to Ocean Point to take a quick walk and enjoy the ocean air for a little longer. WE jumped in the car and were back in Boston by 2pm. I spent the afternoon catching up on groceries, organizing laundry, and general errands. I have another busy week coming up, so it’s been a treat to relax and get centered before jumping into more fun!

I hope you had a great holiday weekend, too!