Another good summer weekend

Another weekend has flown by!


I enjoyed a quiet Friday evening of knitting and relaxing before heading back to Shrewsbury. Once I landed I ate a quick meal, enjoyed an episode of “The Manor” (the ultimate reality show – people live for several months as they would during Edwardian times in England. It’s so good! The historical fiction nerd in my is so happy!) and then got to bed early.


On Saturday morning I hussled around town getting errands done before meeting up with Teddy and taking a nice long walk around a local park. It was a beautiful morning, and we enjoyed the weather and catching up. Once we went our separate ways, I did a few more errands before heading back to Cambridge.

On Saturday evening I explored a new-to-me book store, Raven Used Books. I was impressed by their selection, and the prices seemed very reasonable. The books were certainly more academic, but I picked up one that looked really interesting. I’ll certainly return there in the future! To continue my literary-themed evening, I headed over to the Coop to do a bit more browsing. I saw a few things that interested me, but didn’t end up purchasing anything. I’d rather buy them used! I headed home and enjoyed cracking into my new purchase before going to sleep.


On Sunday I was up bright and early for a great run. The weather was already quite warm, but I enjoyed quite quiet neighborhood before things got too crowded. I ate a quick breakfast, then did something that really pushed me outside my comfort zone – went to the Cambridge Friends Meeting House. I really enjoyed the experience, and will likely return in the future to continue exploring.

After grabbing a quick coffee, Teddy and I headed over to South Boston to explore the SoWa Open Market! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so I’m glad we finally got the chance. The selection was super impressive! I loved looking at the vintage goods, and the artist stalls looked like real-life Etsy! Awesome. Teddy and I each got a few pieces of art, and will absolutely be returning in the future to do some more shopping. We ate lunch at the near-by food trucks – actually my first food truck experience! I enjoyed a falafel sandwich and some basil lemonade. Teddy and I both commented a few times that the experience was something Anne would love so next time in town, we’ll be taking her!

Finally, we ended our day by stopping by Flour, a bakery that I’ve heard so much about! Neither of us were very hungry, so we got two pastries to share tomorrow evening. I’m looking forward to it! We ended our evening by watching the World Cup final and relaxing in some air conditioning. Another good weekend on the books!

Now it’s time to plan for the week. Looks like rain so I’m going to have to edit my running schedule a bit, I think!


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