Another summer weekend on the books! Boy, this one really flew by. Backing up a bit:


On Thursday evening I checked out a new-to-me knitting night at a local yarn store, and I LOVED it! It was so exciting to knit with other friendly people, and I had a great time chatting and working on my latest project. I absolutely want to make this part of my bi-weekly routine, and I’m already looking forward to going again. In fact, I learned about another fiber night at a different artist studio, so I’m planning on checking that out later this week. Hooray, finally I’m finding yarn friends!


On Friday evening Teddy and I had grand plans to make another peach cobbler to share with friends the following day. However, both of us got home from work completely exhausted from a busy week and were in absolutely no mood to do any cooking. Instead, date night commenced! We started at Charlie’s Kitchen, where we got quick drinks before the outdoor patio got super busy. After finishing those, we headed around the corner to The Red House, another place with outdoor seating – a must on such a beautiful summer night! Here we enjoyed a few more beers, and split an incredibly good salmon tartar. What a treat! I insisted that we stay until the live music started at the bar, so we enjoyed some music before heading home. The evening wasn’t what we had planned, but boy was it great!


On Saturday morning Teddy and I headed to a nearby state park to meet up with some of my former co-workers. It was such a great day – we met a few wonderful new friends and had a great time catching up and relaxing. We grilled up some veggie burgers and enjoyed playing a game of Quiddler after taking a dip in the lake. The weather was perfect, and it was a wonderful way to spend the day!

On Saturday evening Teddy and I continued our fairly opulent weekend of eating by heading to a local sushi restaurant for dinner! Our meal at O Sushi was delicious, but the service left a bit to be desired. We will probably return here as the prices were very reasonable and the location is great, but hopefully the service will be a bit more attentive next time.

We ended our evening by meeting up with some friends at the Meadhall, a bar with an epic beer list. We tried quite a few drinks and had fun with some of Teddy’s friends from college. I would absolutely return here – the variety of drinks was extremely impressive! Another place to take my sister when she comes to visit, I think.


We tried to keep things a bit more low-key on Sunday, and enjoyed a relaxing morning. I headed out for a run while Teddy got us coffee, and we made a great breakfast of eggs, toast and fresh fruit. That’s my kind of morning! After lounging for a bit we finally made the peach cobbler, and then headed back to Shrewsbury to enjoy some time with our parents. We all got together for a late lunch, and enjoyed catching up. Everyone liked the cobbler, too! It’s quickly becoming our go-to dessert 🙂

Finally, Teddy and I headed back to Cambridge. I took a long walk on this beautiful evening before catching up on some errands and organizing. I’m ready to jump into another week!

I hope you had a great, relaxing weekend, too!


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