Hobby Update


I made some awesome things this week! First, I whipped up a Midnight Kitchen banana bread – my go-to recipe for banana bread. It never lets me down! At some point I’ll have to add it to this blog. I brought it into work and everyone devoured it. Yay!

I made this white bean salad last weekend and have been enjoying it with avocado on toast for lunch or dinner this week. So good! And when it’s paired with the avocado it really fills me up. I’ve also been adding some zucchini pickles that I made which rounds out everything into a really nice meal.

The other amazing thing I’ve been enjoying this week is curried chickpea salad. I absolutely loved this recipe, it was simple to make and was a really easy, filling lunch.  Absolutely a keeper, and it will be regularly worked into my lunch rotation.


Still making pretty decent progress on my sweater! I’m nearing completion of the back. I’m pumped!


  • Monday – 2 mile run, 9:05 average pace (whoo!)
  • Tuesday – 1.5 mile run, 8:22 average pace (what?! Apparently eating better this week is making a big difference!)
  • Wednesday – skipped the stadium because it was raining. Later regretted this decision
  • Thursday – missed my alarm. Ugh.
  • Friday – 2 mile run, 10:00-ish average pace. Forgot to start timer
  • Saturday – rest
  • Sunday – 3 miles, 10:00-ish pace. Run without electronics so didn’t have an accurate timer

Clearly this week wasn’t optimal on the running front. I felt it in my general mood, too. I’m still doing a bit on wandering on the gym front, and toying with the idea of joining something a bit more regularly. To be determined. For now, sticking with the outdoor running is good.


Still working on my current selections, but also added a new bus book – Emma, by Jane Austin. Maybe this time I’ll actually make it through! In the past I’ve struggled with Jane Austin, but I love that era and am hopeful that I can make it through this book. It also really doesn’t hurt that I’ve seen the movie…I can’t believe I’m that person.


Eh. Another moderate week. I was hoping to meet up with a potential new friend, but she ended up canceling at the last minute. I have plans with a friend this week, so things are already looking better!


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