Weekend Recap

Another weekend has flown by – this time a bit more quietly. Having more down time was just what I needed, so I’m glad I took the time to relax a bit!


On Friday evening Teddy and I met up with a friend and headed over to the Just Crust for pizza – naturally, it really hit the spot! We tried a few other places first and the lines were long. We really weren’t looking for anything super fancy, so we got a pizza to split with the three of us. It really hit the spot! It was great to catch up with Ajay, our friend, and enjoy the crisp, fall weather!

After eating, we headed over to a friend’s house to play some great board games. This friend is super into board games. He even designs his own! But he’s also excellent at explaining games and basic strategies, so is a great person to explore new ones with. The first game we tried was Factory Fun, a “simple” game of connecting machines and pipes. Teddy and I played on a team for this one since there was a player limit, and I’m glad we did. It was awesome, and I’d love to play it again! Potential future gift for Teddy?

The second game I played was called Cornerstone. This was like a super advanced version of Jenga, and so much fun! I’d absolutely play it again. You basically had to build a tower only moving on your color, and without toppling the tower. Such a challenge – and we built a great one! All in all, a very fun night. I’m looking forward to exploring more board games with those folks!


On Saturday Teddy and I enjoyed a lazy morning after being up so late. We made some breakfast, and then I relaxed and did a few chores around the house. Later in the day I headed over to the new Assembly Square Mall in Sommerville. I’m not much of a shopping fan, but I do need to amp up my fall wardrobe. I was able to find quite a few things at the outlets, but it was super duper crowded! Not my favorite. Later I got some groceries, and Teddy came over. We had a quiet night and actually talked a lot about board game strategy from the previous evening!


On Sunday Teddy and I headed down to Hingham to visit World’s End, a conservation area. It was beautiful! Only about a 45 minute drive from Boston, this conservation area has miles of beautiful walking paths, and excellent views of the Boston skyline! We spent the day wandering the trails and enjoying a picknick lunch. The weather was a bit overcast, but the rain held off! I’d absolutely recommend this place for some relaxing walking – it wasn’t even very crowded! Fun fact about the area – it was short listed for the location of the UN World Headquarters. Who knew?! Certainly would have made the South Shore of MA a very different place.

We finished off our trip with a quick stop by a local yarn shop, Yarn in the Square. It was really cute, but I didn’t purchase anything. I’m trying to work through my stash – visiting new yarn stores really isn’t helping that effort!

The rest of my evening was spent cooking and preparing for the week – lots of fun things on the agenda!


Do anything exciting with your weekend?


Weekend with my Sister

This weekend flew by as my sister was in town! Our family recieved some bad news last week, so she was in town so we could spend some time together. We ended up spending the weekend visiting some of my favorite places in Cambridge, and it was lots of fun to show her around!


On Friday evening Anne arrived around 10 pm. I spent my evening making some tasty calzones and relaxing with a few episodes of Friends. A nice way to spend the evening! After she arrived we caught up and took a quick walk around my neighborhood. It was a beautiful night, and it was nice to get some fresh air before heading to sleep.


On Saturday morning we relaxed a bit before heading to Darwin’s for a lovely brunch. Teddy met us there and we enjoyed excellent sandwiches and coffee. Anne tried a lattee too – I think I’ll have to get that next time. It was awesome! I’m usually more of a plain coffee sort of person, but that really hit the spot.

We took our time wandering around, but eventually ended up at Aeronaut, a brewery that Teddy and I recently visited. They were advertising a Flee Market along with beer, so naturally we had to stop by. The market was quite small, but we enjoyed poking around for a bit before trying a flight. I enjoyed the beer more that I did the last time we were there, but it still isn’t my favorite. There was a bit more variety on tap this time, so we had fun tasting!

After a few more stops in the shops around Union Square, we headed down to Kendall Square. Anne is looking to move to the Boston area sometime in the near future, so we scoped out a few potential office buildings. It was great for her to see the atmosphere in person – there is only so much a recruiting web site can tell you!

From there we headed over to Night Shift, a brewery we love showing to new people. We had a great time tasting an entire flight of sour beers – when does that ever happen?! Anne loves sours, so she was on cloud nine. Finally, we headed to Clover in Harvard Square for a light dinner. We were all exhausted so had an early night. It was a tasty day!


Our morning started quite slowly, and I made eggs and toast for breakfast. After relaxing for a bit, we walked over to Frommagio Kitchen, our local gourmet shop. While we enjoyed sampling a few cheeses, we didn’t end up purchasing anything. We said bye to Teddy and headed into Boston for the SoWa Market! We spent the afternoon wandering the food trucks, antiques mall, farmers market and artisan vendors. There was so much to see, and so many people! Both of us were shocked at how crowded it was. The last time Teddy and I were there it wasn’t nearly as busy – apparently everyone else had the same idea as us. We had a great time, and I even bought a new necklace.

We headed home for a relaxing evening meal of calzones and wine that Anne brought. It was another relaxing evening, and a good way to end a wonderful weekend. It was great to finally be able to show her my apartment and some of the places I’ve discovered.

DIY: Tote Bag

Last weekend I made a great new tote bag! I scanned the internet for a pattern before settling on this one. I liked how it was reversible, and that it used all quilting fabric. I spend so much time knitting, and I rarely buy fabric these days. I love looking at the quilting cotton, so I wanted to be able to pick out a fun print!

I ended up purchasing three fabrics – 1/2 yard each of two contrast colors for the outsides of the bag, and 1 yard total for the top and handles of the bag. This worked out to be the right amount for two bags! They were a bit smaller than I initially anticipated, but I like the size for a small knitting project. One is currently holding socks, and I plan to use the other for a pair of mittens. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon!

Hmm…bit of a posting fail last week. Between the short week, an off-site visit for work and a few crazy projects, last week just flew by. I’m hoping this week will be a bit calmer!

Backing up to this weekend:


On Saturday Teddy and I spent a good chunk of time cleaning and organizing my apartment, and also did a quick run to Target. There I picked up a few picture frames, which really bring my apartment together! It’s feeling even more homey these days.

We also went to our company picnic, which was fun but HOT. The weather was absolutely sweltering, so we spent most of our time hiding in the shade of a tent. We headed to the shelter of air conditioning at Teddy’s house, where we watched an episode of Game of Thrones.  We’re still on season three, but continue to enjoy it!

Later in the evening we went to Cambridge One, a casual restaurant with great pizza. We enjoyed the food, and caught up with some friends. It was a great, relaxing evening! Later on we met up with some friends who were celebrating a birthday. I wasn’t super invested in the party so ended up calling it an early night, but it was a good day!


On Sunday morning Teddy and I made our usual weekend breakfast of eggs, and enjoyed it in bed with another episode of Game of Thrones. It was a treat – I haven’t been in bed that late for a long time! After, we headed to Gather Here, my favorite local craft supply store. Teddy patiently waited while I agonized over fabric choices, but finally I settled on three light cotton fabrics for a new project. I headed home after that I spent the afternoon crafting and enjoying the beautiful weather outside. Another relaxing weekend. After the hectic-ness of the previous week, this weekend was just what I needed!


On Monday evening Teddy and I headed back over to Club Passium for their Celtic music night. I’ve been wanting to explore the Celtic music scene in Cambridge more, so this was my first dip into that world. It made me really miss playing – I need to get that back into my life! I’d absolutely go to this event again – the music was good and the atmosphere was very comfortable.

On the way home, we stopped in at Sweet, a cupcake shop in Harvard Square. Though the list of flavors was impressive, neither Teddy nor I was truly “wowed”. The cupcakes were good, but didn’t really justify the price. I haven’t really gotten super into this cupcake thing, so I’m not sure I’d go back there again, but am glad we tried it!

I hope you had a pleasant weekend – do anything exciting?

Labor Day weekend

Ahh, the beauty of a long weekend!


On Friday evening Teddy and I took the Cape Flyer, an Amtrack train that runs on the weekends from South Station in Boston down to Cape Cod. Though the trip was a bit long, my parents met us at the station and brought us right away to an ice cream shop, Krista K’s! Nothing like starting a Cape Cod weekend with a big bowl of ice cream!

Later in the evening my sister and her boyfriend, Colin, arrived. Our weekend of fun had begun!


On Saturday we had a relaxed morning before loading up our day packs and heading to Orleans, a town near where we were staying. Teddy and I rented bikes, and all 6 of us headed out for a 20 mile bike ride. The day was perfect – there was a light breeze, the temperatures were in the 70s and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It doesn’t get more perfect than that for summer time biking! We headed towards the National Seashore, where we stopped for a while. The beach was busy, but the views were beautiful – we even saw quite a few seals! We enjoyed some snacks in the sand before jumping back on our bikes. We passed our starting point, stopped at Arnolds for ice cream cones, and eventually made our way back to Orleans. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and we were all pleasantly tired after our ride.

In the evening we made an incredible meal – a meal that felt like it never ended! Teddy and I brought appetizers and beer to share, so we started with that. We brought two of our favorite brews from Night Shift, along with a few types of cheese. After enjoying those treats, we started working on the next course – steamers! We made fresh clams on the stove and enjoyed them with melted butter sauce on the deck at twilight. Doesn’t get more summery that that! To take a break from eating, we headed over to Scargo Tower, a quick walk from where we were staying. There we watched a beautiful sun set. It was a beautiful cape evening! Eating our way through the evening continued, though – next up were lobster rolls! They were fresh and delicious, and by the time the fresh raspberry pie with ice cream rolled our way we were all incredibly full. But it was an evening that tasted like summer on the cape!

We wrapped up the evening with a rowdy game of “We Didn’t Play-test This Game” and all had a blast! Needless to say, we all headed to bed with full stomachs and tired legs. It was a good day!


Our Sunday morning started out quietly with another wonderful breakfast. After that the competition heated up and we headed to mini-golf! We enjoy a classic place without some of the modern bells and whistles, but this place is a classic and you get two rounds for the price of one! Naturally we played all 18 holes twice, and loved the game. Things got pretty serious – the last time we played here my dad got six holes-in-one. Yes, six! Crazy! Needless to say we didn’t do as well this time around, but the story will live forever.

We had packed a picknick earlier in the day, and headed to a secluded Audubon Society beach to enjoy it. The sky was overcast but the quiet beach was beautiful, and we relaxed on the sand for quite some time. Finally it was time to head home, and we made another feast – steak tips (and crab cakes for me). The meal was amazing, and we even had chocolate zucchini cake for dessert!

After dinner I spent some time showing Anne and Collin pictures from our Europe Trip earlier this summer, and we all headed to bed early.


On Monday we made reservations to visit a nearby cranberry bog for a tour. Though I’ve grown up visiting Cape Cod, we’ve never actually visited a bog! I’m so glad that we finally had the opportunity to do so – we all learned so much during the tour! The bog was full of friendly farm animals, we learned a lot about the history and production of cranberries on Cape Cod, and would absolutely recommend the tour to anyone visiting the cape!

After this we stopped by another novelty – a lavender farm! Though this was quite a small place, seeing an entire farm dedicated to growing lavender is rare, and we enjoyed the wonderful-smelling grounds.

Our final food-related stop of the day was our annual pilgrimage to Captin’ Frosty’s, my favorite clam shack on the Cape. There is something special about their clam cakes and chowder that I look forward to all year, and this year was no different! The meal was about as unhealthy as I go, and every bite was worth it. We gilded the lily with a final ice cream cone, and called it a day.

On the way home I checked out a great knitting store that I hope to eventually return to, as well. Teddy and I took a nice walk around the neighborhood before packing up our things and making sandwiches for dinner on the train. We got back on the train at 6:30, and by 9:30 I was back at my apartment. It was an excellent weekend, and hit all of my summer Cape Cod “must-do’s”!

I hope your Labor Day was relaxing – I can’t believe the summer is already over!