Weekend with my Sister

This weekend flew by as my sister was in town! Our family recieved some bad news last week, so she was in town so we could spend some time together. We ended up spending the weekend visiting some of my favorite places in Cambridge, and it was lots of fun to show her around!


On Friday evening Anne arrived around 10 pm. I spent my evening making some tasty calzones and relaxing with a few episodes of Friends. A nice way to spend the evening! After she arrived we caught up and took a quick walk around my neighborhood. It was a beautiful night, and it was nice to get some fresh air before heading to sleep.


On Saturday morning we relaxed a bit before heading to Darwin’s for a lovely brunch. Teddy met us there and we enjoyed excellent sandwiches and coffee. Anne tried a lattee too – I think I’ll have to get that next time. It was awesome! I’m usually more of a plain coffee sort of person, but that really hit the spot.

We took our time wandering around, but eventually ended up at Aeronaut, a brewery that Teddy and I recently visited. They were advertising a Flee Market along with beer, so naturally we had to stop by. The market was quite small, but we enjoyed poking around for a bit before trying a flight. I enjoyed the beer more that I did the last time we were there, but it still isn’t my favorite. There was a bit more variety on tap this time, so we had fun tasting!

After a few more stops in the shops around Union Square, we headed down to Kendall Square. Anne is looking to move to the Boston area sometime in the near future, so we scoped out a few potential office buildings. It was great for her to see the atmosphere in person – there is only so much a recruiting web site can tell you!

From there we headed over to Night Shift, a brewery we love showing to new people. We had a great time tasting an entire flight of sour beers – when does that ever happen?! Anne loves sours, so she was on cloud nine. Finally, we headed to Clover in Harvard Square for a light dinner. We were all exhausted so had an early night. It was a tasty day!


Our morning started quite slowly, and I made eggs and toast for breakfast. After relaxing for a bit, we walked over to Frommagio Kitchen, our local gourmet shop. While we enjoyed sampling a few cheeses, we didn’t end up purchasing anything. We said bye to Teddy and headed into Boston for the SoWa Market! We spent the afternoon wandering the food trucks, antiques mall, farmers market and artisan vendors. There was so much to see, and so many people! Both of us were shocked at how crowded it was. The last time Teddy and I were there it wasn’t nearly as busy – apparently everyone else had the same idea as us. We had a great time, and I even bought a new necklace.

We headed home for a relaxing evening meal of calzones and wine that Anne brought. It was another relaxing evening, and a good way to end a wonderful weekend. It was great to finally be able to show her my apartment and some of the places I’ve discovered.


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