Long weekend in Quebec

Teddy and I headed up to Quebec city for a weekend away. We made the 8 hour drive early on Wednesday, so by the time we arrived in Levis we were more than ready for a walk. We explored the small town of Levis and found our wonderful AirBnB. Not a five minute walk away from our place we discovered this amazing view:



Levis is directly across the river from Quebec City. It has the same charm as the city, but prices are much lower and the area is a bit quieter. Just what we were looking for! Our host reccomended that we try a local ice cream shop, and boy were we glad we did! The ice cream was amazing, and well worth the steep price tag.

Our next morning started bright and early – we caught an early ferry across the river to get to the old port of Quebec city. I even got to practice my French while purchasing our tickets, so that was a pleasant treat Smile 

We spent a very relaxing day wandering the streets of the old city. Different than some of our more recent travels, we didn’t have a laundry list of museums and historic sights that we wanted to see. Instead, we were just looking for a relaxing, scenic day. We had just that! When we arrived the city was still waking up, so we got to enjoy the quiet streets before the larger crowds arrived.




We both loved the historic buildings, the winding streets, and the French every where! I’ve missed that – I went to college in Montreal so I got quite nostalgic. We particularly enjoyed the long boardwalk in front of the Chateau Frontenac – so beautiful! The weather was amazing and we could see for miles. Amazing! Of course we also ended our evening with another ice cream in Levis!

Friday was the day of waterfalls! Despite the light rain we went to two lovely waterfalls. Our first stop was Parc de la Chute-Montmorency. This quiet area was right off the highway, and a quick walk brought us very close to the dam. We were also able to walk on the shale rocks very close to the falls. Fun!




Next we went to Montmorency Falls. There was a very intense staircase up the side of a cliff to get to the top of the falls, and we made the trek. My fear of heights really kicked in at the top when the path went over a bridge on the top of the falls, but the views were incredible! I was pretty proud of us for making it over.



The Montmorency Falls are quite close to the Île d’Orléans, a lovely agricultural area close to Quebec. We drive quite a ways around the island stopping at chocolate, cheese and wine stores along the way. The homes on the island are beautiful, and the views of the mainland of Quebec were stunning.

Saturday morning we made a few changes to our itinerary, but ended up heading south to Montreal! I hadn’t been back since I graduated so the trip was very nostalgic. Of course our first stop was the scenic McGill campus – it’s been a while! Still looked awesome though. Memmorrieesss……



Anyway, Teddy had never been to the Old Port so we walked down to that area and wandered around for a while. Again, the sky was clear blue and there were tons of people out enjoying the sunshine. We went back up to the Plateau area and had a light lunch at Juliette au Chocolate, an old favorite from the college days. Then it was back on the road to our AirBnB for the evening in southern Quebec.

We spent Sunday wandering home – we stopped at a monastery for some treats before enjoying a lovely lunch in northern Vermont with Teddy’s relatives. It was a very relaxing trip, and we’re already looking forward to our next trip to Canada! Maybe next time we’ll venture out of Quebec!