5k Fun Run

On Thursday evening a group of my colleagues and I participated in a 5k fun run! It was a popsicle-stick race, meaning it wasn’t officially timed, but rather you received a popsicle stick at the end with your place. We timed ourselves, so the run was very casual and just what we were looking for.

Unfortunately the conditions for the race were less than ideal – 93 degree heat and 90% humidity are exactly why July races are so risky! Luckily the sky was overcast so we weren’t blasted with sunshine, and it started to rain about 1.5 miles into the race so that certainly helped to cool us off.

The course for this race was lovely – two laps around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, a flat path with wonderful views the entire way. I enjoyed running the course, and since I hadn’t run in this area before even doing two laps didn’t get boring at all!

The race was organized in support of an organization called Back on My Feet, and it certainly is something I’d like to look into more since it’s such a wonderful cause.


At the end of the race they (somewhat randomly) had the Boston Celtics championship trophy, so naturally we took a picture with it. Though it was super hot, we had a fun evening!


  • Distance: 5k fun run
  • Time: 31:06
  • Pace: 9:48
  • Would race again: Yes!

Restaurant Review: Alden & Harlow

On Friday evening Teddy and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner out. We wanted to try a new-to-us place, so opted for Alden & Harlow. Spoiler – it was phenomenal!

The atmosphere in the restaurant is very cozy – lots of exposed brick, wood tones and metal fixtures. Very farm-to-table – yay!

We started with a light appetizer: Sunflower Toast, Three Ways, Pickled Green Tomato, Bianco Sardo. We enjoyed the Striped Bass Crudo and the stone fruit plate, and ended with Moosabec farm mussels. Of course, we had to try dessert too, so finished the evening with brown butter peanut cake. Overall, every dish was super interesting – the textures were unique and exciting, the flavors were extremely fresh and vibrant and the portions were a perfect size.



Everything on the menu is designed to share, so we ended up not getting anything with meat (Teddy at the ham garnish on one dish). I’d love to see a few more vegetarian options on the menu, but overall this was an amazing meal! Perfect for a fancy night out. I’d highly recommend a meal here, especially in the seats under the windows up front! I hear the menu changes frequently, so I’m already looking forward to our next trip here.

Day trip to Portsmouth, NH

Teddy and I decided to spend the day in Portsmouth, NH. Only an hour drive from Cambridge, we’ve driven by many times but never stopped to spend the day.

We decided to start our day at the Strawberry Banks Museum, an open air museum that highlighted historical buildings at various points in the area’s history. I love open-air museums (the one I went to in Switzerland is a huge favorite) so was quite excited to explore this one.

Though the entrance fee was steep, we loved wandering around the stunning gardens and homes in the large area.


Later in the afternoon we poked around the small shops of the downtown area before trying out Earth Eagle Brewing, a local brewery. We enjoyed a flight of beers. Though none of them were particularly amazing, it’s always fun to explore these small places making interesting drinks.

We ended our day getting seafood on the water – perfect for any trip to the ocean. We’re already looking forward to our next trip to Portsmouth!

4th of July in Boothbay, Maine

Happy 4th of July! We spent this year similar to the last 4th of July – in Boothbay, Maine. Teddy’s relatives live right on the ocean so we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to enjoy a weekend there.

We got a very early start on Friday morning, and arrived in time to take a brief hike before meeting up with the family. We went to an area called Oven’s Mouth – weird name but a beautiful hike!


We headed wandered around the downtown area, poking in a few shops, before heading out to Ocean’s Point. This is a favorite place – the views are beautiful and it isn’t usually very crowded. This weekend was no exception, and we had fun scrambling around the rocks before meeting up with the rest of the crew.


We set up our tent and enjoyed a wonderful dinner on the water with the extended family before calling it a day.

On the morning of the fourth we took the kayaks out bright and early. This was easily the highlight of our weekend – we saw seals playing in the water, herrings flying all around us, and were able to enjoy the harbor before it got busy. So peaceful and beautiful!


After a hearty breakfast, we headed out to do some lighthouse spotting (when in Maine, right?!) and hit up a craft fair before enjoying lunch at the Boothbay Brewery. The beers were as good as we remembered. The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out on the water and enjoying time with Teddy’s family playing yard games and cooking on the grill. After the sun set we went back to the harbor to steak out a great place for the fireworks! Nothing like watching them over the water. It was a great weekend!