Labor Day weekend in Cape Cod (part 2)

Sunday started in the same way as Saturday morning – with a run. This time we explored a new neighborhood which was a bit off the typical route to the beach, and again I loved looking at beautiful cape cottages and historic homes. It was so pleasant to run in a new area, and we both enjoyed starting the day on an energetic note!

Our run ended at a place of pilgrimage: the Donught Shack. This glorious location was within walking distance of our home, and provided a wonderful treat for Sunday morning. We got a variety of flavors to sample – I think my favorite was butternut, but I was happy with them all! Between the five of us we were each able to get a taste. YUM.

IMG_0944   IMG_0946


My parents had plans with friends for the morning, so Teddy, Anne and I set off exploring parts of downtown Dennis. We started at the yarn store (obviously), but also enjoyed meandering through several antique stores and gift shops. We lost Teddy after a while, but he headed home to his happy place in the hammock and Anne and I continued to poke around.

Finally, we picked up amazing sandwitches at the Mercantile and enjoyed a late lunch in the sun at home. Later in the afternoon Teddy and I headed out to explore some more on bikes – the weather was hot, but it was fun to get some more exercise and enjoy the summer breeze.

Later at home we got sucked into a puzzle, and had fun working on it for the evening while we made dinner. Nothing like a good grill meal in the summer.

In the evening we watched a very interesting documentary – “Virtuosity – The Cliburn” before heading to sleep.

Monday morning was a bit more relaxed – I immediately got sucked into the puzzle, but headed out to go mini-golfing later in the morning. Always a Cape Cod classic, and I even won the first round! Whoo! After another relaxing afternoon at home, we headed back to the Surfside Grill (told you it was amazing) for one more meal on the beach. It was again, so wonderful! Not to miss our summertime classic – we enjoyed ice cream at Captain Frosty’s before getting back on the road.


Spending four days at the cape was perfect – enough time to feel like we were really far away from home, but not so long that it was logistically challenging to pull off. I’m already looking forward to going back next summer!


Labor Day Weekend in Cape Code (part 1)

On Thursday evening Teddy and I made the drive down to Cape Cod. I grew up spending two weeks on the cape every summer with my family, so it’s always so fun and nostalgic to spend time there. My parents were there for two weeks, and invited us and my sister down for a long weekend!

We got things started early by taking Friday off of work – it was so pleasant and felt like we were able to escape for a long time.

On Friday we headed down the cape to Provincetown. Somehow Teddy managed to grow up in Massachusetts but never go to the famous P-town, so we headed there for the day. We poked around in lots of fun shops and Teddy purchased flip flops and lovely new socks, while my dad invested in a new tee-shirt.

We then headed over to the Cape Cod National Seashore – one of the best beaches on the cape. We enjoyed a snack of fresh fruit and pulled out a key that my parents have been flying for more than 30 years! The conditions were perfect, and it doesn’t get more “summer evening” than that.


After a stop at Arnolds to get sea food for dinner, we finally headed home to play board games for the evening before heading to sleep.

Saturday morning started bright and early with a run around Dennis – we made it all the way to the beach for an early-morning view of the sky. So gorgeous and peaceful, and it was nice to run around a new area, too! I love the historic homes of the town.

We enjoyed a relaxing brunch outside after our run, and spent the morning enjoying the beautiful weather.

Not to let the day go to waste, we decided to go kayaking for the afternoon. Teddy and I did what we promised we’d never do – share a kayak. The conditions were actually perfect for this – we were going against the tide for the first part of our adventure, so having two people in the boat was a big advantage. We loved the area that we were exploring, and the return trip was super speedy due to the tide!

After heading home to clean up, we went to the new Surfside Grill at Corporation Beach for lobster rolls. It doesn’t get any better than this – sipping gin and tonics, watching the sun set over the beach and eating incredibly fresh lobster rolls. Done! We capped off the evening with a stop at a new gelato restaurant, which absolutely lived up to the excitement. YUM.



Camping in Conway, New Hampshire

Teddy and I spent the weekend camping in beautiful Conway, NH. We lucked out with the weather – initially we had planned to go last weekend but the impending rain deterred us. I’m glad we held off – the weather was wonderful!

After arriving early on Saturday morning, we met up with our friends (they arrived Friday evening) and played a few rounds of games before heading out for a hike. North Conway is conveniently located at the base of the White Mountains so we had loads of beautiful hikes within 20 minutes!

We decided to hike Kangamangus , a relaxed 3 mile hike. Though at times strenuous, the hike overall was relaxed but afforded incredible views! Teddy and Tom loved playing in the rocks and Tina and I held down the fort on the trail.

There were two main lookout points, both with stunning views.


We eventually headed back down the loop and went back to the car. Overall, a beautiful afternoon!


After returning to the campsite we played a few rounds of Set before diving into dinner preparations. We capped off the evening feast by heading to the campground’s ice cream social before building a lovely fire. We even tried out a rainbow stick which turned the fire into crazy colors. Whoooo chemistry! We had a blast with this.


Sunday morning started with another lovely meal and then we went on a float down the Saco river. Again a 3 mile adventure, but this time the float moved a little slowly. At times the water was so low we had to slosh down! Regardless, it was a very relaxing afternoon and it was fun to be out in the sun!

After quickly cleaning off we headed back to Cambridge. Another fast summer weekend, in the books.