Days 9+10: Safari Part Two

Going on safari is incredibly relaxing. We followed the below schedule each day:

  • Wake up around 5:15AM, brush teeth and get dressed quickly.
  • Head to the main camp for coffee and biscuits at 5:30AM
  • Morning drive from 6-9AM
  • Enjoy a huge, 2 course (cold and hot) meal from 9-10:30 or whenever we’re done.
  • Head back to camp, shower, nap, relax or read, maybe explore camp a bit
  • 2:30 head back to the main camp for fresh juice and snacks
  • Afternoon drive from 3-6PM
  • Head to tent, freshen up
  • 7:30-10 enjoy an incredible, multicourse meal with wine and excellent company
  • 10PM head back to the tent to sleep

It really can’t get more relaxing. Camping, incredible animals and scenery, superb food and relaxation. The last two days of our safari were just as memorable as the first. Again I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Going on safari is something I’ll never forget. We’re already trying to figure out our next safari adventure because it was truly one of the best experiences of our lives.