Day 13: Views and Gardens

First stop: one of the seven new wonders of the world: Table Mountain! We decided to get another Hop-On, Hop-Off ticket for Cape Town, and this proved to be an excellent way to transport ourselves around the city. We decided to head up to Table Mountain first thing in the morning since it can get quite crowded.

Through the rain started a bit while we were waiting to head up the perilous cable car, it was certainly worth it to explore this wonder. Again, my extreme fear of heights didn’t serve me well and Teddy certainly took the bulk of the pictures while we were dangling from a tiny wire moving up to the top of a sheer cliff. I was fine…

The views were truly stunning, and the longer we stayed up there the more used to it I got. I even made it close enough to the edge to look down once! I was proud.

There are quite extensive walking paths at the top of the mountain and we had fun darting in and out of the clouds seeing the incredible view in every direction. The mountain isn’t quite as flat as it looks from a distance once you’re at the top, but it sure is much flatter the any other mountain we’ve been up!

After enjoying the view and a cup of coffee to begin to warm up, we hiked around a bit more before heading down. This was so, so neat and I completely understand why everyone says it’s a must-see while in Cape Town. It truly is incredible! And we didn’t die in the cable car on the way down – I was concerned.

We jumped back onto the trusty bus and headed to our next stop – the Kirstenbach National Botanical Gardens. Frequently ranked as on of the best in the world, we were eager to explore this massive space nestled under the mountains. It really delivered. This place was stunning.

We spent hours wandering the trails, enjoying the wildlife, soaking in the views and just relaxing. If we lived here, we’d go every weekend! It was just beautiful. I especially enjoyed the areas focused on the scents of plants, and another area focused on medicinal plants. Also interestingly, this garden is unique in that is only has plants indigenous to South Africa. It was very cool to see plants from all over the country, and many that we’d never seen before.

Finally we caught the last bus back into the city (we were really enjoying the gardens). The views of the coast back were nothing short of jaw-dropping.

I can’ see why the rich and famous clamor to live here – it’s incredible!

We reached our hotel and enjoyed a bit more South African wine before calling it a day. One last South African adventure was scheduled for tomorrow.


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