Day 14: The Most South-West Place in the World

On our final day in Cape Town we decided to go south. All the way south. The Cape of Good Hope, the most south-west place in Africa!

We rented a car downtown and started the 45 minute drive to an incredible penguin colony. Both Teddy and I adore penguins, so were extremely excited to stop in Simon’s Town. A huge colony of the fluffy birds resides here, and I can see why. They have the best real estate in the country!

There were just so many of them! And it was so much fun to watch them launch themselves out of the waves onto the sand, or back into the crashing ocean. For such awkward land birds, they are so lithe in the water. It’s amazing!

There were also loads of baby birds since it’s spring time in South Africa. The little guys are much fluffier and not quite as nimble, so it was fun to watch them waddle around. This place is well worth a stop if you’re heading down the cape!

Pretty soon we entered the Cape of Good Hope national park, and the views continued to astound us.

We decided to drive around a bit before stopping for lunch, and stumbled upon a heard of wild zebras. WOW!

I can see why they like it here. We made it down to the cape, and made the trek up to the lighthouse at the tip of Africa. This was so neat, and the views were just incredible. We could not have picked a more beautiful day.

Hello, edge of the continent!

It’s so crazy to think that the next piece of land beyond this is Antarctica!!

We started to head down to the iconic sign, but again were stopped by a wild animal spotting – this time ostriches! We had missed them in Kruger, so were pumped to see them here. Plus there were babies!

Finally we made it: the true bottom of the world (if you don’t count Antarctica).

Pretty freaking cool!

After soaking in the views and walking around a bit more, we started to head back to the city. We decided to take the scenic route (well worth it) – but it also included a harrowing section of road that was so windy, narrow and steep that we had to pull over I was so scared (told you I don’t do well with heights). This was insane. But beautiful, too!

How is this allowed?!

Luckily we survived the drive, and made it home. Time to pack up for the even longer journey back to the homeland. At least we got to stop in Paris again!


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