Days 15+16: More long flights, and Paris again!

Cape Town > Johannesburg > Paris > Boston. That’s a long way, and a lot of long-haul flights. Oh boy.

Luckily we had an excellent stop in Paris along the way! We landed in Paris around 5:30AM and decided to head to Montmartre, and neighborhood we didn’t have a chance to explore on our first day in the city. It was very cool to be at the top of the city while everything was still quite – we even had the famous stairs to ourselves!

We decided that we didn’t eat nearly enough French food on our first day, but really, when can you ever? As such, the focus of our day was to eat as much as possible. First stop, a lovely café in Montmartre for crepes and coffee.

We wandered the quiet streets before everyone woke up, and enjoyed the stunning views and vendors putting out their food for the morning’s markets.

After a pain au chocolate to whet our pallets, we walked from Montmartre all the way to Notre Dame – about a 2.5 hour walk. This allowed us to see so much of Paris, and was a lovely way to spend the morning! We had fun window shopping and eyeing all the yummy pastries.

We finally made it to Notre Dame, and were able to see the buttresses, something we missed the first time around.

We had just enough time to dart into one more café to pick up a baguette, croissants and macaroons before heading back to the airport.


By the time we made it back to our apartment in Boston we had been traveling for about 44 hours, including our time in Paris. Oof. We crashed, but not before spending some quality time with out cat, that we missed very dearly. Overall, this was the trip of a lifetime, and I’d highly recommend a trip to the amazing country of South Africa if you every have the opportunity. It was truly incredible, and something I’ll remember forever.

Now, back to reality…the hard part!


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