A new geography project

I have decided to undertake a new project in an effort to better understand our world: learn a few facts about each and every country of the world.


I’ve always loved geography, and have a strong love for maps (you should see the walls of my room!). In addition, Vexillology (the study of flags) is of great interest to me. I think it combines my excitement about demography, history and wanderlust into one great big excited-about-the-world package.

Anyway, the goal is simple: to learn a little bit about each country of the world – it’s history, the population, it’s political structure, where to find it on a map, and of course, it’s flag. Why? Because why not. I want to be a better citizen of this world, and this is the first step.

In case you’re wondering, I’ll be using this list to base my project off of. It’s nothing political, we’re just going to stick with the crowd sourcing model. And just to throw you off a little, we’re going from the bottom, up. See you tomorrow, Zimbabwe!