5k Fun Run

On Thursday evening a group of my colleagues and I participated in a 5k fun run! It was a popsicle-stick race, meaning it wasn’t officially timed, but rather you received a popsicle stick at the end with your place. We timed ourselves, so the run was very casual and just what we were looking for.

Unfortunately the conditions for the race were less than ideal – 93 degree heat and 90% humidity are exactly why July races are so risky! Luckily the sky was overcast so we weren’t blasted with sunshine, and it started to rain about 1.5 miles into the race so that certainly helped to cool us off.

The course for this race was lovely – two laps around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, a flat path with wonderful views the entire way. I enjoyed running the course, and since I hadn’t run in this area before even doing two laps didn’t get boring at all!

The race was organized in support of an organization called Back on My Feet, and it certainly is something I’d like to look into more since it’s such a wonderful cause.


At the end of the race they (somewhat randomly) had the Boston Celtics championship trophy, so naturally we took a picture with it. Though it was super hot, we had a fun evening!


  • Distance: 5k fun run
  • Time: 31:06
  • Pace: 9:48
  • Would race again: Yes!

Race Review: Cambridge Winter Classic

My first race since high school was a great success!

Teddy and I decided to run the Cambridge Winter Classic 5k race. It would be Teddy’s first race ever, and my first race since high school. I’ve been running for a while, and looking for a new challenge. I promised Teddy that if he found a training plan, and stuck to it, we could run the race together. Seeing as it was my first road race, there were some logistics to get used to, but overall I’d give this race 5 stars! It was great fun and I’d absolutely run it again.

We picked up our bibs on Saturday afternoon at the Asgard pub in Cambridge. Pick up was well organized and easy. We got great technical tee shirts (long sleeve, too!) and great pint glasses. If you do both the Fall and Winter Classic races you get an awesome fleece – noted for next year!

We arrived at the start around 8:45 and easily oriented ourselves. We found my parents, gave them our stuff, and then just focused on staying warm. We lined up with about 10 minutes to spare before the race. We placed ourselves with the 10:00 minute pacing group. Based on our training this would be an aggressive pace for Teddy to hold and he was a bit hesitant, but I encouraged us to try it. We could always slow down a bit.

As soon as the race began we hit the pavement at a quick pace. The course was very crowded, so we focused on staying towards the inside of the curves and keeping enough space around us. The crowd support for the race was pretty minimal, but the runners were all in very good spirits, and the atmosphere was awesome.

We missed the first mile marker, so by the time we passed the second one I was a bit disoriented. Was the “Mile 2” sign indicating that we were at the beginning or the end of the mile?! Distress ensued. I also didn’t have a watch (it’s on my Christmas list…) so really wasn’t too sure on our pacing. Teddy was feeling strong so we kept up our aggressive pace.

Finally we started to see a few people with bibs walking towards us – we must be nearing the end! I sprinted towards the end and had quite a bit of steam left. We finished unsure of our final time, but we ran past the clock while it was displaying 30:04 – we might have made it below 30 minutes!

Teddy’s goal for the race was to not walk at all, and my goal was to support him and stay together. The race absolutely flew by, and it was a blast! Our final time was 28:46, or a 9:15 pace! I’m thrilled with that time. I felt awesome the entire time, and am excited about running a race by myself and really pushing my pace. This was faster than I’ve been running lately, so was a good boost of confidence. Hooray! I think the running bug has bitten Teddy and he wasn’t to keep racing – his competitive spirit will do him well 🙂



  • Distance: 5k fun run
  • Time: 28:46
  • Pace: 9:15
  • Would race again: Absolutely