Special Winter Weekend

This weekend was particularly special as it was my birthday! That’s right, I’m officially one year older. 

We got the party started early at work when one of my co-workers brought in yummy cupcakes from Sweet. I had a snickerdoodle one and it was awesome – what a great idea for a cupcake flavor! That evening Teddy and I had a fantastic meal at Ten Tables. We enjoyed a lovely walk in the snow-covered neighborhood and had an early night. It was just perfect!


On Saturday my parents had planned to come into town, but unfortunately they were both sick. They’ve been having a difficult time this winter, so hopefully we’ll catch up later this week. That didn’t detour us from still enjoying our day, though. 

Our first stop was the Harvard Museum of Natural History. We both particularly enjoyed the Scott Miller exhibit. The photographer spent time in the back country of Maine, shadowing the region that Henry David Thoreau explored more than 200 years ago. Both Teddy and I loved the beautiful images of Maine – we’ve spent quite a bit of time there, and it made us both want to go outside and explore more. Hopefully we’ll be able to find some time to go camping soon. We need to prioritize it more, seeing as it’s something we both really enjoy.

We spent the rest of our time in the Peabody Museum, one of the oldest archaeological and ethnographic museums in the world. The exhibits are divided into North America, South America and the Pacific Islands. We particularly enjoyed the art from the South American regions. The entire museum really reminded me of the Redpath Museum at McGill – same vibe, similar types of display cases, same type of stuff on display. I got nostalgic, but it was great!

After a quick stop at the Cambridge Public Library, we headed over to Trillium, a great brewery in the south of Boston. They have an awesome selection of IPAs so we got some great drinks to share with friends later.

After jumping back on the T we jetted over to Newberry Street and headed to Warby Parker. Teddy picked out some great new glasses and then we wandered around the neighborhood and wandered into a great used book store.

Our final stop of the evening was a friend’s house for…what else, but another game of Catan! It was great evening.


Sunday was a bit quieter, but I got quite a few errands done and prepared for a rather stressful week. I watched a bit of the Super Bowl and quite a few episodes of Gilmore Girls. It’s looking like we are going to get another snow storm – time to hunker down again!


Warby Parker Review

Have you heard of Warby Parker? It’s an site to purchase really cute glasses. The best part about it? They send you up to four pairs of glasses at a time, and you’re able to try them on at home. The company allows you to repeat this process as many times as you’d like until you find the perfect frames. After you’ve decided on the frames, they fill your prescription and send the completed glasses to you! Pretty cool, huh?

A little background – my family has REALLY bad eyes. Like extremely bad. Both of my parents are legally blind because their eye site is so poor. We are a site to behold on the beach in the summer. Let’s just say we’ve always had very distinctive coloring on our beach umbrellas. A family of functionally blind people trying to find their towel in a sea of people? Not pretty. I am lucky enough to have the best eyes in my family – I didn’t get glasses until I was in Middle School! My parents were so proud/surprised.

Because my sister has such a strong prescription, she frequently has a difficult time finding glasses that work for her. The lenses have to be very thick, and there are a lot of frames that won’t accommodate those lenses. Alternatively, thinning lenses out can be super expensive. Because of all of these limitations, she’s been hesitant to try out any online glasses vendors.

When she was in town a few weeks ago we headed into Boston to go to the brick-and-mortar location of Warby Parker. My sister lives in upstate New York, so online shopping is a huge help for her. She had previously tried on quite a few pairs of Warby Parker frames and knew what she liked. However, she was nervous due to the strength of her prescription.

Frames from Warby Parker

We headed into the very cute shop, and we were both totally blown away by the customer service. There were loads of fun styles to try on, and she quickly found an optometrist with whom she could review her concerns. Not only were they able to accommodate her prescription, but she was able to get just the frames she was looking for. Better yet – the price was nearly half of what she was expecting to pay! How amazing is that?!

Because the business is all online, an associate helped her place the order, took a few measurements for the fit of the frames, and walked her through the next steps. Since she didn’t have the prescription on hand, she was able to email Warby Parker the name of her optometrist who wrote the last prescription, and the company got in touch with them directly to get the prescription. Such amazing service!

Now, while my sister was floating around on cloud 9 so excited about the fact that she could actually get awesome glasses, I was poking around the shop. I’ve been considering getting prescription sun glasses for quite some time, but never felt that I could justify the cost. Though it would be so convenient (right now I rarely wear sunglasses) my eyes have been changing so rapidly that it hasn’t felt like a good investment. That is, until now! At my last appointment, my optometrist advised me that my eyes are nearly finished changing (yay!) so I could expect relatively minor changes in my prescription moving forward. The reasonable prices, cute styles and ease of use convinced me – time for new sun glasses!

I had an equally seamless experience getting the prescription from my doctor, and I received an email when the glasses shipped. They’ve finally arrived, and I’m totally thrilled! I’m excited to use them for driving, and beach days will be super different – I’ll be able to see the beach!

Anyway, if you are interested in a new pair of glasses, I encourage you to try Warby Parker. I was very impressed with the service, and I’m thrilled with the outcome!